Kris McCulloch

  • Healthcare Marketing Professional

  • Genealogy Enthusiast
  • Writer
  • Aspiring Storyteller & Sketch Artist
  • Sociological Thinker
  • Nature Girl
  • Backyard Birdwatcher
  • Foodie
  • Binge Watching Addict


Marketing to Physicians, Hospitals & Patients
Building Your Marketing Blueprint, Partnering for Growth

Kris McCulloch

Healthcare & Medical Device Marketing Professional

I am a diversified marketing professional with expertise in commercialization, product launches, KOL engagement, marketing communications, and creating meaningful content across multiple healthcare audiences.

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Favorite Place in the World – My Backyard

My yard is my tranquility. With lush trees, a sprawling flower garden, lots of birdfeeders, and pond that is home to critters in and out of the water, it always grounds me.

I also love Monterey Bay, California, the place I called home for many years as an adolescent and young adult. It was a tumultuous chapter in our lives, with a big move from the Chicago area just before my senior year in high school. But the unspoiled landscapes of the area drew me into their majestic beauty.

Food, Friends & Fun

I inherited my parents’ love of hosting parties and exploring new recipes. When I entertain, I always try to bring in a bit of the past to the party: antique china for holiday dinners, a serving tray from our 1970s cocktail parties, or making favorite family recipes handed down to me.

Tell a Story…

I aspire to tell stories—and sometimes the best story is told through imagery. An image is full of nuance and emotion. And  humans love images because our brains process them 60X faster than reading words.

But words matter. Sometimes the essence of a story springs forward in just a few lines (Haiku, Twitter). My favorite book is John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden” where the story is really summed up in a single word.

Send me a note…

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